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At Health Solution Medical Corporation, we provide a superior patient experience by adhering to the following fundamental principles and core values:

  • Educating our patients is key to any consultation. Giving our patient an abundance of information so that they are informed and ultimately feel comfortable in making a proper decision for themselves is what we aim for. We provide education material through animated videos, anatomic discussions, and interactive state of the art software that makes even the most complex medical problems easy to understand.
  • As your physician, our learning and research is never over! We want you to have the best experience and the most up to date information available. We share knowledge that we have gained from conferences, research endeavors, and constant interaction with our colleagues from around the world in order to keep our knowledge as current as possible.
  • We understand that our patients lead their own lives. That is why we interact with our patients through email – patients are always able to contact their physician/surgeon directly and expeditiously through email. We want our patients to feel comfortable with reaching out to us and at a time that is convenient to them.
  • Availability after hours! We offer our patients with more availability than other offices by having extended office hours for patients that cannot make it during their busy week. We want over health and wellness for our patients and will work around their schedules to achieve that goal.
  • Communication between patients and their physicians is extremely important. We develop a unique treatment plan that is present to our patients and they fully understand what their treatment consists of. Creating these plans ensures that our patients achieve and remain healthy and to prevent any future illnesses.
  • We aim to provide quality and comforting health care for each of our patients. Any physician can provide disease care and treat the condition. We want our patients to feel comfortable reaching out to us about any situation and we take the extra time to consult our patients about current illnesses and how to prevent illnesses in the future.
  • Respecting each patients needs and wants is something that Health Solution Medical Corporation is known for. We know that each patients have different believes in how they want to maintain their health, and we respect their decisions. We created a tailored treatment plan in accordance with their belief and value systems. Such as, Eastern and herbal medicine, wanting to avoid taking antibiotics, acupuncture, and other various methods.


We Provide the Following Services To Our Patients:

  • Pediatric and Adult Services
  • Family Medicine Services
  • Addiction Medicine Services
  • Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Services
  • Esthetic and Facial Services
  • Sub-specialties – Gastroenterology and Cardiology
  • And Much More