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Clinically proven non-irritating Micronized USP grade BPO penetrates deep within the pores and fights acne bacteria on contact to clear skin and prevent breakouts. When used as part of our complete system, it immediately targets acne below the surface, producing a clearer complexion in as few as two weeks.

Micronized USP grade acne clearing ingredients penetrate deep within the pores and fight acne bacteria on contact Blemish fighting ingredients unclog pores, reduce sebum production, exfoliate dead skin cells and enhance cellular regeneration. Clears pores of acne causing bacteria and cellular debri’s within 24 hours. BPO Particles are approximately 45 times smaller than traditionally milled BPO particles and studies prove it prevents or eliminates the development of P.acnes bacteria and its related species. You will love how it makes your skin feel.

Clear Skin Wash

SKU: HSM7004
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